We provide clients with various meal service options and believe that people have a right to make their own choices. We also encourage our clients to provide us with feedback so that we are able to meet their ever changing needs. This also assists us in our continued efforts to improve the service.

Northern Illawarra Meals on Wheels also offer an in home service providing hot meals, preparation of beverages, snacks or sandwich.  This Meal Support option is for people who are unable to heat meals themselves either on an ongoing basis for people with dementia or complex needs or short term for people who may be frail due to injury or recent hospitalization.

Common Questions & Answers

How does the service operate?

Northern Illawarra Meals on Wheels is a community service that provides nutritional assistance to people who are temporarily, or in some cases permanently unable to cater for themselves and have no one else reasonably able to help.

The provision of service is subject to an ongoing assessment of each the needs of each client.  We reserve the right to discontinue service if a client’s circumstances alter and their need for service no longer exists.

What meal options are available?

We provide meals seven days per week. Meal options include:

  • Clients are provided with a cold meal, dessert or soup delivered five days per week Monday to Friday.
  • Cold meals for Saturday & Sunday can be delivered on Friday if required.
  • Clients are provided with frozen dinners delivered once per fortnight or as required.
  • Sandwich packs can be delivered with the meals.
  • Soup can be delivered with any meal.
  • Hot meals can be arranged for clients who are unable to heat up meals themselves.
  • Combinations of the above are also possible.

We can provide meals that cater for various needs (such as pureed and chopped) and are suitable for people with diabetes and specific cultural dietary requirements.

When are meals delivered?

Cold meals are delivered Monday to Friday between 9.30 and 10.30am. Meals are delivered to cover public holidays, if required. Frozen Dinners are delivered every other Friday between 8.30 and 10.30 am.

How much do the meals cost & how do I pay?

Meals are paid fortnightly by Direct Debit, cheque or money order posted to the office. See the menus page for more information about the cost of meals and menus available.

What happens if I am not going to be home when meals are delivered?

Please try to ensure that you are home at delivery time. If you know that you are not going to be home please phone the office so we can make alternate arrangements.